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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Optimal water supply and sewage facility design for health and life of people

Based on the accumulated experiences in installation and operation of the environmental infrastructure and technological capacity, Korea Environment Corporation(K-eco) installs and provides a support to the sewerage facilities (sewerage treatment facility, sewage line, infrastructure for storm-water retention facilities, local water supply and etc.), Through the technical supports and construction & operation of sewerage facilities on behalf of central and local governments, K-eco has been contributing for enhancing budget-investment efficiency and improving the water quality of river and streams.

Outline of Business

Outline of Business list
Field of business Contents of business Effect of business
Local water supply facilities
  • Survey and performance evaluation of local water supply facilities
  • Maintenance and establish of block system
  • Preventing drought
  • Improving water management
Public sewage treatment plants
  • Installation of sewage treatment plants, water re-use plants
  • Providing clear and safe water, eco-friendly spaces for residents
Sewer lines
  • Maintenance of combined and separate sewer lines
  • Preventing infiltration and inflow
  • Stable operation of the public sewage treatment plants
Sewer lines
  • Installation of drain pipes and pumps,
  • storm-water detention facilities
  • Reducing flood risks
  • Improving urban water cycle management
  • Water quality improvement in public water body

Flow of Business

1. K-eco investigates business demand while the local government determines the budget / 2. When the local government verifies the possibility of processing business, basic information is provided to K-eco, and K-eco provides the information Based on this, the business plan is reviewed / 3. The local government and K-eco must consult each other on the decision on the internal policy regarding the business and the writing of the written consent / 4. After the local government reviews and sends the written consent, K -eco delivers the agreement to conclude / 5. When the written contract is signed, it is sent back to the local government to sign and deliver, and K-eco can establish and execute a business plan. / 6. If K-eco reports the project while the project is running, the local government must determine and pay the project cost / 7. If the project is completed, K-eco supervises the test execution, and the local government Participate / 8. When the test is completed, K-eco completes the facility and the local government takes over the facility.