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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

The Sewer System Policy Support Division contributes to the efficient operation of the national sewage system by providing technical advice on the project and sewerage maintenance measures to prevent urban flooding by local governments.

Major Tasks

  • support policy on urban flood prevention in a priority control area of sewerage maintenance
  • A priority control area of sewerage maintenance means an area where the Minister of Environment may designate an area where flood damage occurs, or is likely to occur, due to sewage inundation or an area which is likely to worsen the quality of public waters as an area for priority control of sewerage maintenance
  • Technical review of designation or revocation of a priority control area
  • Technical review of sewerage maintenance measures and design of project
  • Technical review of about the raising and spending of funds on project of urban flood prevention

Legal Basis

  • ENFORCEMENT RULE OF THE SEWERAGE ACT Article 1-3(Designation, etc. of Areas for Priority Control of Sewerage Maintenance)
    ④ When it is deemed necessary to designate, change or abolish the priority control area, or to review for sewerage maintenance measures which is established pursuant to Article 4-3(3) by the Special Metropolitan City Mayor, each Metropolitan City Mayor, Mayors/Do Governors(excluding the head of a Gun in a metropolitan city), The Minister of Environment may hear opinions from the head of National Institute of Environmental Research or Korea environment corporation in advance.