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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Basin Sewerage Support Center

“Realization of the Water Cycle that nature and humans can enjoy together”

Based on Big data by basin, We provide Sustainable sewerage services for water quality and disaster risk areas.


  • Scientific water cycle management trusted by the people
  • Safe water management in response to climate crisis
  • Creating a healthy water environment where everyone is happy
  • Basin-based Integrated water resources management realization

Main task

  • (Proactive Technical Support)
    Technical support for sewage treatment plants, such as diagnosis and operation of facilities and establishment of improvement plans, for local governments lacking manpower and expertise.
  • (Disaster Accident Crisis Response)
    Prompt support from preventive inspections such as flood damage to emergency restoration in case of disaster.
  • (Integrated management system)
    Operation of an integrated control room for sewage management based on big data.