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  • Ethical Management
  • Ethical Management

Ethical Management

K-eco Vision

Establishment of healthy and happy environment for the nature and human beings

Key Values
Challenging spirit
Custmer centered purpose
Menagement Policy
Ethical Management Vision
Clean K-eco with Public Reliabillity
Ethical Management Brand
Malgeun Nuri
Ethical Management Slogan
Clean Management Green Environment
Progress Direction
Internalization of Ethica Management System
Activation of Ethical Organization Operation
Modification of EthicalStandard System
Activation of Committeeand Regulation
Reset of Ethic Practice System
Settlement of the Practice of Ethics Culture
Reinforcement of Ethical Management Education
Spreading the Ethical Management Culture
Reinforcement of job-Related Ethics
Settlement of Global Standards
Performance Evaluation and Feedback
Reinforcement of Ethical Management Monitoring
Ethical Management Self-Ecaluation
Reinforcement of Internal-Evaluation Relatiin
Elicitation of the tasks for the improvement and feedback

Ethial Management Practice System

Strengthen professional ethics
Ethics Charter, Regulation on Ethical Management Pratice, the Code Practice
Reinforcement of the function of the Organization for Ethic and Anti-corruption
Operation or the Dedicated Organization
Preventive Practice Acivities
Operation of Ethic Practice system(4C)
On/off-line Education
Reinforcement of job-Ethics
Spread of Practicing Culture
Composition of variousapproaching channels linked to each stakeholder
Publication of the Substitutabilty Management Report
Implementation of Self-Evaluation on Ethical Management