• Social Responsibility
  • CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Introduction of social contribution activity
The realization of public happiness through the execution of Green Environment for human and nature

Korea Environment Corporation(K-eco) is making a better world with social contribution activities for the second-class citizen and community development with three focused approaches of social contribution for strategic execution of social contribution activities related to the K eco's purpose of establishment and works.

Three Focused Approaches of Social Contribution
  • CSR Vision
    • The realization of public happiness through CSR related with core business
  • Slogan
    • The realization of environmental LOVE with local community!
  • promoting works
    • Local
      • air pollution monitoring
      • water quality monitoring
      • soil pollution purification management
    • Together
      • expanding resource recirculation culture
      • reduction of greenhouse gas in daily life
      • safety management of environment
    • Volunteer
      • expanding global CSV
      • encouraging local economy
      • supporting second-class citizen
    • Education
      • verification of education program
      • efficient human resource management
      • expanding environmental field-trip
  • Motto
    • environmental service
      • air,water,soil quality
      • resource recirculation, environmental safety
      • sharing activites
      • telent donation
Constitution of Community Service Group

Korea Environment Corporation is doing variou systematic social contribution activities with the centered community service group, headquarter(5 Head Offices, 19 Dept., 3 Centers, 2 Offices), and local organization(6 local headquarters, 1 Center, 1 Office)

  • Chief of the Community Service Group( Director of Management Support Head Office )
    • Labor Union
    • Operating Committee(legislative Org.)
  • Community Service Group
    • Headquater(5 Head Offices,19 Dept, 3 Centers, 2 Offices )
    • 6 local headquarters, 1 Center, 1Office)
  • Working level support group(Team of GeneralAffairs)
Performances of the Community Service

Member of community service(person) - 2,050

Time for the community Service per 1 person (hour) - 18.2

Chenmi-Manmiparticipation(person) - 1,696

Chenmi-Manmi donation(Million KRW) - 25

Personal donation(Million KRW) - 94

※ Chenmi-Manmi : A voluntary contribution subtracted less than 1,000 or 10,000KRW from employee' paycheck as a funding for the social contribution activities.