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CI Introduction

K-eco CI Manual Download

Detailed information on the CI symbol, color codes/applications, and logo types of Korea environment Corporation (K-eco) can be found in the downloadable CI manual.


The symbol of K-eco is composed of two overlapping circles, with each representing the earth and the sky respectively. It represents the role of K-eco, which is to integrate the environment into one and to efficiently manage it. The symbol is a key element to introduce K-eco, both domestically and internationally.

심벌마크 - 최소사용규정 : 10mm x 10mm
Logo type

The Korean letter and Chinese character logo type have been designed so that they would fit well with the symbol. And on the English logo type, a small leaf was added to the letter 'K'in order to emphasize the environment-friendly image of K-eco.
The logo type is also an important element in introducing K-eco, both domestically and internationally. Therefore, it must strictly follow the appointed colors and shapes, and cannot be changed randomly.

한국환경공단 로고타입 - 영문약칭, 영문 이미지
한국환경공단 로고타입 - 국문, 한문, 영문약칭, 영문 이미지