• Core Business
  • Resource Recirculation
  • Operation and management of resource circulation system
  • Beverage Container Deposit System

Operation and management of resource circulation system

“Beverage Container Deposit System” is
  • This system promotes collection and reuse of the spent containers by establishing refundable deposits on recyclable containers, which customers can redeem when they return them.
  • It also regulates that operational fees be granted to distributors or retailers for their job to circulate the used containers.
  • Producers who failed to refund 80% of the deposits to their customer, recycling dues will be levied on the unfulfilled amount with the surcharges up to 30%

Deposit included in consmer price refund deposit for empty containers to peron sho returns a container (Retail To Retail)

Refund money and handling fees
Refund money and handling fees list
Volume Container Refund Handling Fee
Under 190㎖ 70KRW/bottle 11 ~ 19KRW/bottle
190 ~ 400㎖ 100KRW/bottle
400㎖ ~ 1,000㎖ 130KRW/bottle 12 ~ 21KRW/bottle
Over 1,000㎖ 350KRW/bottle
  • Handing fee : The Cost what manufacturer of the original product pays to wholesaler to store and transport beverage containers
  • 100KRW = 1.15USD