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Indonesia, Algeria Environmental Government Officials' trainee internship in K-eco
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  • 2020-04-01
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Indonesia, Algeria Environmental Government Officials' trainee internship in K-eco
 - Date: '20.1.2 (Wed) - 1.14 (Tues)



Affiliated Institution/Agency

(Central Government)

Intern dispatch HQ in K-eco


Yoga Hadiprasetya

 The Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Resource Recirculation

Gugie Nugraha

Education and Training Center for Environment and Forestry of Kadipaten

Sugeng Prihatin Sihabudin

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Climate and Air


Abdelouhab Smaoun

The Environment Department of the province of Bejaïa

Environmental Infrastructure

Nassima Adouani

The Ministry of Environment

Water and Soil

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