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Sustainable management

  • Mission

    Contribute to eco-friendly national development with environmental improvement and resource recirculation

  • Corporate vision

    Green environment creating institution for nature and humankind

  • Sustainable Management Vision

    Green organization leading sustainability in environment, mankind and technology

  • Strategic Direction for Sustainable Management
    • Leap forward becoming a leader in environmental industry by ensuring global competiveness
    • Realizing the social responsibility management through by ensuring the reliability from stakeholders
    • Building an environmental management system for low-carbon, green-growth
  • Detailed Practical Challenge
    • - Activating overseas business and technology development
    • - Strengthening financial soundness and profitability
    • - Improving management efficiency and its advancement
    • - Nurtuning human resources for future environmental professionals
    • - Improving ethical and transparent management
    • - Creating customer value
    • - Social activities incorporated the characteristics of project
    • - Improving starategic public relations and name recognition
    • - Expanding investment in environmental management
    • - Minimizing environmen- tal effects
    • - Systematization of carbon assset management
    • - Ensuning sustainability of natural resources