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CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Introduction of social contribution activity

The realization of public happiness through the execution of Green
Environment for human and nature

Korea Environment Corporation(K-eco) is making a better world with social contribution
activities for the second-class citizen and community development with three focused
approaches of social contribution for strategic execution of social contribution activities
related to the K eco's purpose of establishment and works.

Three Focused Approaches of Social Contribution


Constitution of Community Service Group

Korea Environment Corporation is doing variou systematic social
contribution activities with the centered community service group,
headquarter(5 Head Offices, 19 Dept., 3 Centers, 2 Offices), and local
organization(6 local headquarters, 1 Center, 1 Office)


Performances of the Community Service

Member of community service(person) - 2,050

Time for the community Service per 1 person (hour) - 18.2

Chenmi-Manmiparticipation(person) - 1,696

Chenmi-Manmi donation(Million KRW) - 25

Personal donation(Million KRW) - 94

Chenmi-Manmi : A voluntary contribution subtracted less than 1,000 or 10,000KRW from employee’ paycheck as a funding for
the social contribution activities.