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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    Contribute to eco-friendly national development through the improvement of the environment and promotion of resource recycling

  • Vision/Slogan

    closer to nature closer to people - Green environment creator for nature and humanity

  • Management Policies




  • Core Values

    Passion, Trust, Harmony

    Global Mindset

Strategic Goals
Reach the Future Growth Driving Business Revenue KRW 600 Billion
Achieve the Highest Grade of Public Reliabilty
Train 800 Global-Level Environment Experts
4trategic Directions and 12trategic Initiatives
1. Advancement of Environmental Facilities

Improve the Quality of EvironmentalMonitoring

Optimize the Installation and Operatio

Expand the Foundation for Energy Conversion

2. Quality Improvement of Environmental Services

Consolidate the Foundation for Climate Change Response

Enhance the Resource Circulation Management System

Develop the Environmental Pollution Diagnosis · Analysis Service

3. Consolidation of the Foundation for Creative Economy

Build the Healthy Life Environment

Broaden the Area for Overseas Busines

Strengthen Environmental Consulting

4. Maximization of organization Capacity

Develop the Operational Management

Train the Men of Talent

Generate the Value for Public Sympathy