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Organization chart

Office of Public Relations
HQ of Management & Planning

Dept. of Planning & Coordination

Dept. of Business Management

Dept. of Human Resource Management

Dept. of Global Cooperation

Environmental Review & Evaluation Center

Office of Contingency Planning

HQ of Climate & Air Quality Management

Dept. of Atmospheric Environment

Dept. of Climate Change Action

Dept. of Environment Certification & Inspection

Dept. of Odor Management

HQ of Water Environment Managemet

Dept. of Sewerage

Dept. of Water Supply

Dept. of Soil & Groundwater

Dept. of Environment Analysis

Dept. of Water Environment Management

  • HQ of Eastern Metropolitan Area
  • HQ of Western Metropolitan Area
  • HQ of Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam Region
  • HQ of Daegu Gyeongbuk Region
  • HQ of chungcheong Region
  • HQ of Honam Region
HQ of Resource Recirculation Management

Dept. of Resource Recirculations

Dept. of Resource Recirculation Policy Implementation

Dept. of Waste Management

Dept. of Waste to Energy

HQ of Environmental Facilities

Dept. of Environmental Facilities

Dept. of Waterworks Faclilities

Dept. of Environment Energy Facilities

Dept. of Aquatic Ecosystem Facilities

Dept. of Environmental Safety Support

Dept. of Chemicals Management

Dept. of Living Environment Safety

Environment Technology Research Institute

Office of Auditt