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RFID-Based Food Wastes Management System

Operation of RFID-Based Integrated Food Wastes Management System

To implement ‘food waste volume rate system’, promoted under the joint efforts of concemed Ministries as a core task of reducing food wastes, in a more advanced way K-eco has established and operates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) base control system which enables collection and management of food waste discharge information.

Operation System

Local govenment is responsible for installation and operation of field equipment, and installation and operation of IT system and DB management is utilized by K-eco’s integrated central system.


  • General User

    - Discharger

    - Collection and Treatmaent Facility

  • Manager

    - System Manager

    - Business Manager

    - Local Government Personnel

    - Central Department Personnel

Discharge Information / cost Information Facility Information

System Information / Business Treatment Information

Statistic Data on Discharge Volume / Cost Information

Keco Central System

RFID-Based FoodWastes Management System

  • Nationwide Service

    - Introduction of Volume- Rate Disposal System

    - Discharge Volume / Cost Venification

  • Manager Service

    - Tag / Equipment Management

    - Cost Information

    - Management of Statistics on Discharge Volume

Discharge Information / Equipment Status Information


On-Site Equipment of Local Government

  • Individual Improvement Equipment
  • Vechicle Collection Equipment
  • Portable Reader