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『7th World Water Forum Special Program』Request for your participation in World Water Challenge
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World Water Challenge
7th World Water Forum Special Program

in Science & Technology Process



○ Introduction


 "World Water Challenge" will be held in order to discover water challenging issues and apply optimized solutions for them. Why don't you join us and challenge to be a final winner with an outstanding solution based on science and technology to deal with world's challenging water problems.



○ Process


 Challenge program consists of two processes. First process is discovering water issues that the world is facing, whoever is facing water issue can submit problems via online. Second is finding solutions based on science and technology, any individual or organization is eligible to propose solutions to defined problem. 10 outstanding solution providers will be invited to present their proposals during the 7th world water forum. Expecially, the 5 best solution providers will receive additional award and one of them will be the best winner with grand prize at the World Water Challenge Awarding Ceremony.


1st STEP


2nd STEP


1. Problem submission

· Sep 1, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014

1. Solution Submission

· Nov 16, 2014 - Jan 15, 2015

2. Problem Selection

· Defining challenging water problems

· 1 - 3 in each Main Focus(Total 10 issues

2. Select best Solutions

· 1st evaluation(online) :

Selecting 10 solutions and sending invitations

· Final evaluation(offline) :

Selecting 5 Best solutions

(1 best and 4 excellents)

3. Challenging Problem


3. Presentation/Awards

· Sharing 10 Solutions at "World Water Challenge Session“

· Awards for 5 best Solution Providers


World Water Challenge will be offering a great opportunity to draw solutions to world's water problems and we kindly request your participation. For more information, please visit our website.



Homepage : http://worldwaterforum7.org/forum/challenge/

Organizser : Manager, Cho Wooksang 
               Water Industry Promotion Team Dept. of Sewerage

Telephone : +82 32-590-3794,5221,3791