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Call for 2019 SI Pilot Project Proposal
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  • 2018-02-01
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Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth Member Country,

                Regarding the "Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SI) Pilot Project Proposal"

To Whom It May Concern,

K-eco (Korea Environment Corporation) in its role as Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SINGG) Secretariat, is now calling for 2019 SI Pilot Project proposals. Applications are accepted from 1 February to 28 February, 2018.

K-eco is an affiliated organization under the Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment, whose tasks concern all areas in the field of environment such as air, water, soil and waste, etc. For more information, you can visit our website (http://www.keco.or.kr/en/main/index.do)

The purpose of the Seoul Initiative on Green Growth (SI) Pilot Project is to disseminate Green Growth concepts throughout the region. The project funds are supported by the Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment and now available for governments in the region to convert Green Growth concepts into an onward trend of global sustainable development. Best practices gained through the implementation of the project will be disseminated at national/ local levels for member countries within the Seoul Initiative. For this year's project, we suggest that the project lasts from 6 to 10 months and per project, a budget of an approximate $60,000~$70,000 will be available. (This is an estimated amount and is subject to change depending on circumstances such as the number of SI Pilot Projects chosen)

Project Overview as Stated Above

- The Duration of SI Pilot Project: 6~10 months

- Estimated Pillot Project Budget: $60,000~$70,000

We have implemented 31 pilot projects in 16 countries since 2008. Information about these projects are available online (www.singg.org)

If you are interested, please submit a SI Pilot Project proposal. You can submit an electronic version of the proposal in standard template (attached to this letter and also available for downloading from the website: www.singg.org) to Mr. Bonggeul Joo (singg@keco.or.kr) no later than 28 February, 2018.

K-eco, the SINGG Secretariat, hopes that many member countries will be interested in this project.

Best Regards,

Young Bok Gong

Team Leader of International Cooperation Team, Korea Environment Corporation

Attachment: Call for Proposal and Standard Template