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Call for 2015 SI Pilot Project Proposal
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Call for Proposals


  The purpose of the Seoul Initiative on Green Growth (SI) pilot project is to disseminate Green Growth concepts through the region. The funds are supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea (KMOE) and now available for governments in the region to translate Green Growth concepts into onward trend of sustainable development around the world. Best practices through the implementing of project will be disseminated in national/local levels throughout the member countries in the region within the Seoul Initiative.


  KMOE has the budget allocation to support between 3 to 4 pilot projects which estimated project duration is less than 1 year and pilot projects have been suggested that a budget of $30,000~$40,000 is suitable for year of 2015.


  During Phase 1 and 2, numerous concept of Green Growth were suggested, especially Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure for Green Growth, Application of Economic Instruments for Green Growth, Green Growth and Sustainable Consumption and Production for Climate Action, Promotion of Green Industry for Green Growth, City Development for Green Growth, System Change for Green Economy, Double Dividened of “Green” and “Economy” and Improving Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Development were covered as the main assignment at the policy consultation forums. The projects related to topics above(especially the topics from last year’s forum subject) will have higher priority, however any projects promoting a sustainable development of the nation will be also considered. Last year, KMOE funded three pilot projects which were successfully implemented with the support from the Korea Environment Corporation (Keco, SINGG Secretariat), those were;


1.      Environmental Quality Monitoring in the Kingdom of Cambodia

2.      Improving capacity building as initiative program on protecting human health and the environment from asbestos hazards in Indonesia

3.      Groundwater Pollution and Characterization of Leachates from Waste Disposal Facilities in Philippines


Table 1: Procedure of Selection



Schedule (Tentative)


Receipt of proposals

28 January 2015 ~ 15 April 2015


Evaluation of the proposals

16 April to 15 June 2015


Notification of 2015 SI Pilot Projects

30 June 2015


Table 2: Proposal format




Please describe an appropriate title for your proposed pilot project.


Enter the name of the Ministry or Agency under which it will be executed.


Name and contact details of the person responsible/the person who will manage the project.


Please describe the current situation in the country and reasons for choosing this particular topic.


Outline the objectives of the project, what you hope to have achieved at the end.


Describe outputs which can be used to assess the project


Explain exactly what will be done during the project, type of research, methodology, etc.


Please describe what will be included in the budget and then fill in the table.


Please specify the duration of the project, and fill in the work plan for activities of the project.


  Interested government should submit an electronic version of the proposal in standard template (available for downloading from the website: http://www.singg.org) to Ms. PARK, Hye-yun <singg@keco.or.kr> no later than 15 April, 2015.