Green Growth for All, All for Green Growth
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Green Growth for All, All for Green Growth

SI secretariat's activities to support UNCSD(Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro

22-23 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Over the last 20 years economic growth has lifted more than 660 million people out of poverty and raised the income levels of millions more, but growth has too often come at the expense of the environment. Environmental damages are reaching a scale at which they are beginning to threaten growth prospects and progress made on social welfare. Moreover, despite the gains from growth, 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity, 2.6 billion have no access to sanitation, and 900 million lack safe, clean drinking water. In other words, growth has not been inclusive enough.What we need, therefore, is growth that both environmentally sustainable and meets the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable, in other words, inclusive green growth. Inclusive green growth is the pathway to sustainable development, one that reconciles the urgent need for rapid growth with the imperative of avoiding lock-in to unsustainable growth patterns and irreversible environmental damages. Inclusive green growth is not anti-growth, nor is it slower growth; rather, it represents an incremental change in how we manage economies.

World Bank Forum

Together with the City of Rio de Janeiro, the World Bank convened an high-level panel representing national and sub-national governments, international organizations, and the private sector for a moderated discussion of the key challenges and opportunities posed by the pursuit of greener and more inclusive growth.

Keco CEO Mr. Seung Hwan Park was invited among the other panels like President of Ghana John Evans Atta Mills, Minister of Environment of Costa Rica Juan Rafael Mora Porras, Minister of Development and Cooperation of Denmark Christian Friis Bach. In his speech, Mr Park presented Korea's successful Green Growth Strategy and its implementation plan as a national level paradigm which creates new growth engines and new jobs from green technologies and clean energies, reducing greenhouse gas emission and environmental pollution. In such short time, Korea have made remarkable outcome from the national Green Growth Strategy and he also took this opportunity to share Korea's best practices on Green Growth by introducing GHG target management scheme, Waste to Energy Project and Carbon Neutral scheme etc which are successfully managed and implemented by Keco, Secretariat of SI.

MOU signed up with ICLEI

On the 22 June, Keco and ICLEI ? Local Governments for Sustainability East Asia Secretariat signed on a Memorandum of Understanding on environmental collaboration on the occasion of the Rio+20 Global Town.

The MoU between the parties highlights mutual technical support and collaboration to implement low carbon green growth and sustainable development by both organizations at global, national and local level. Therefore both organizations will develop and accelerate projects and programs together for sustainable development for the ICLEI members, 1,200 local governments, and expected ones while it is expected that both organizations can increase their values via exchanging accumulated experiences and measures on tackling climate change.

Specifically, both organizations will build a collaborative relationship on ICLEI’s carbon Climate Cities Registry, GHG inventory and climate change adaptation and mitigation for local governments globally as well as Korea LGs.

Keco will establish a long term framework for sustainable development of ICLEI and inter-local-governments based on the MoU, especially Keco will support the ICLEI East Asia Secretariat which is expected to open in Seoul Korea in August 2012.